Leather Care & FAQs
Q         I’ve got something that I think is leather. Can it be mended?
A         Send us some nice pictures and a description of the problem and the item and we’ll try and advise you.
If it is leather and still in reasonable condition then it can probably be mended. However sometimes leather has been left untreated for too long. It becomes dry and dusty and tears when put under any kind of strain. At this point it can become costly to repair due to time involved and materials. 

But if it just needs re-stitching, then that should be fine.
Q         I have something made of leather, what should I treat it with?
A         That depends on the type of leather.
Email us some photos and a description and we will try to help. 
Q         I love the way the leather looks, I’m just going to leave it to age gracefully and never do anything to it
A         You could do that, but like most things it needs regular love and attention!
With good care your leather accessory may well outlive you, providing a fabulous heirloom to pass onto someone else!
Q         How should I treat the leather products that I have bought from you?
A         We recommend using Fiebings 4 Way or Sedgewick’s & Co leather care on our leather products. 
Protect the flesh, (furry side) of the leather with a cloth or piece of card as you’re doing this.
Remember to shake the Fiebings 4 Way bottle very well! Apply a small amount to the grain, (smooth side) of the leather with a lint-free, soft and colour fast cloth. Allow it to soak in, then buff off with a clean cloth.
Sedgewick’s & Co leathercare comes in a tin or pot. Apply with a soft lint free colour fast cloth. Allow it to soak in, then buff off with a clean cloth.
This will maintain a semi matt lustre to the leather. If you’d like advice on using any other products on your leather, please get in touch first at info@gallowayleather.co.uk 
Q         Can't I just use Shoe Polish?
A         Please don’t use shoe polish on your leather accessories, it has a tendency to darken the leather considerably even when it is supposed to be neutral in colour.
Q         Does leather look different with age?
A         Some darkening will occur on light coloured leathers over the years as leather does darken when exposed to sunlight. So some change in appearance is inevitable over time. However with regular care and attention leather should age well and develop an attractive patina.
Q         How long will it take to make my leather accessory?
A         All items are Made To Order. Unless otherwise stated our lead time is one to two weeks. 
Q         Can’t it be made more quickly; I’m in a bit of a rush?
A         Our lead time is long as there are often many steps in the process and just one person making your accessory. We don’t want to over-promise and then under-deliver. 
However please contact us if you are in need of something sooner and we will see if your order can be expedited. 
Q         Is it really necessary to leave a phone number, I don’t want unwanted calls from people trying to sell me things?
A         An accurate contact phone number is necessary as If there is a problem with your order, we will need to contact you to discuss your options. This may be easier to solve over the phone. When checking out as a guest, please make sure all contact details are accurate. Your details will not be passed on to a third party and we will not contact you in order to make further sales.
Q         I live outside the UK and can’t seem to order via the website or Etsy. What can I do?
A         We currently only sell and ship to addresses within the United Kingdom.
However If you live outside of the United Kingdom, and wish to purchase from us then please contact us directly and if possible we will work out a price which includes any shipping and applicable taxes for you.
Q         Where are your products made?

A         These products are made entirely in the United Kingdom. Our workshop is located in Walthamstow, London. 
The materials used to construct them come from a variety of sources. 
We use English, German and French Linen thread. Our leather is predominantly veg tan and so some comes from the UK and some from other countries, e.g. Italy. 
While we try to focus on obtaining our hardware from UK sources we also use high quality imported hardware from elsewhere, such as brass buckles from India.
This list of places of origin is not exhaustive and will be subject to changes made by our suppliers. We will try and keep you informed of these changes. Please feel free to ask for more information. 
Q         I’m pretty sure I know my partner’s waist size can’t I just go ahead and order something?
A         All our items are made to order, so when ordering belts please make sure to read the instructions carefully regarding taking an accurate measurement. 
Please DO NOT just take the measurement from someone’s trouser size.
If you are still unsure about how to measure accurately, then please contact us directly for help, before placing your order. We’re really quite friendly.
Inaccurate measurements result in a waste of materials and unsatisfied customers, and we really want to avoid that!
Q         How do I take an accurate measurement for a belt?
A         Please refer to our belt Measuring page, to be found in the main menu.
Leather is a natural product and as such has slight variations across a hide or skin in both appearance and thickness. These variations do not represent  flaws in the leather but are naturally occurring and will not detract from the integrity of the leather. 

Q         What is Veg Tan Leather?
A         We use high quality leather in our products, and apart from our products which are made with repurposed skins e.g. our laminated earrings and necklaces, the leather used is veg tanned. Veg tan is also known as veg tanned leather and means the leather has been tanned in a solution made from tree bark. This is the traditional way to tan leather, and has been used for centuries. Many types of tree bark are used around the world including Oak or Mimosa. It is a much longer process, but less harmful to the environment than the process used to make Chrome Tanned leather. Chrome tanning is much quicker and therefore much cheaper. These days Chrome tanning is widely used.
Those products of ours that do make use of Chrome tanned leather, e.g our Laminated Leather Earrings are part of our drive to re purpose small amounts of leather which might otherwise have been thrown away.
Q         What sort of Postage is included in the Price?
A         Unless otherwise stated, the price of all our orders includes the cost of Royal Mail First Class Signed for Delivery. Therefore there should be no additional calculation of shipping during Checkout. 
Q         I’m in a bit of a rush, can you post it using guaranteed next day delivery.
A          Should you wish to have an item delivered sooner then please contact us directly to discuss this before placing your order. See contacts page for details.
Q         I live outside the UK and can’t seem to order via the website or Etsy. What can I do?
A         We currently only sell and ship to addresses within the United Kingdom.
However If you live outside of the United Kingdom, and wish to purchase from us then please contact us directly and if possible we will work out a price which includes any shipping and applicable taxes for you.
Q         I have selected my options from both drop downs and the website displays a message saying ‘Available on backorder’. Is there an issue with my order? Or does it mean I will have to wait a long time for my order?
A         All items are Made to Order, and our lead times are between one and two weeks. This message doesn’t indicate an issue with your order and doesn’t mean that you will will experience an exceptional delay.
The website is currently displaying a default stock status message which we have so far been unable to hide/modify. However we are working on it, and hope to resolve this shortly. Thereafter no message will display.
Q         egallowayleatherdesign or egallowayleather or gallowayleather? Who are you exactly?
A         egallowayleatherdesign is the name the business started out with for an E17Designer fair in Walthamstow. It is a special name to us, but also quite long, so for our Etsy shop it had to be shorter. So we became egallowayleather on Etsy. And the rest is history.
egallowayleather is the name we currently use on the website. 
Our original website predates our page on Etsy. Using ‘www.’ or ‘co.uk’ or ‘info@’ with egallowayleatherdesign, is far too long, so we opted for www.gallowayleather.co.uk.
Please note that much of our packaging is currently still printed with “egallowayleatherdesign” and since we don’t like throwing away things that are still useful we will continue to use this branding on our packaging.
Please let us know…
The website is constantly evolving and we would like our customers to be part this process. If you have any ideas  then do please let us know. We are keen to create a good user experience for our customers.
If you feel unhappy about any part of your experience when dealing with us then please let us know directly by email or phone. Most things can be sorted out in this way.
We would love to hear from you.
email: info@gallowayleather.co.uk
Telephone: 07868750827